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Primary Care at UMTC

Dr. Ilogu is trained in internal medicine and provides a wide variety of primary care services to adult patients. His expertise range from treating diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma to treating complicated cardiac problems from a primary care perspective. With several years of experience and his training in internal medicine, Dr. Ilogu has been able to provide excellent medical care to his primary care patients over the years and help them manage their chronic health problems along with other specialists when indicated. He also coordinates referrals to appropriate specialists and other multi-disciplinary providers. As a result of his providing excellent service, his patients can look upon the practice as their medical “home”, where all their medical needs can be coordinated through.

Addiction Medicine

Dr. Ilogu is certified in Addiction Medicine and provides personalized and confidential addiction services through a patient’s health insurance plan or through the dedicated UMTC concierge service which provides highly personalized private pay services.

Consulting Services

Dr. Ilogu offers a broad range of consulting services geared towards providing healthcare for clients who want a personalized service. These services are also available to patients who live abroad or are visiting from abroad.


The practice provides telemedicine services both within the country and abroad. During the telemedicine consult our physician can be connected by video conferencing to both the doctor and the patient to help diagnose and recommend treatment for the patient.