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Executive Physicals & Medical Consulting Services has been established to address your varied healthcare needs, and to enable you attain optimal physical and psychological well-being. We specifically cater to and target health-conscious individuals who require world-class healthcare services for themselves, and employers who want the same for their employees.

We often take better care of our cars than we do of our health. A mere fraction of us undertake regular routine physical examination, yet we service our cars at regular intervals. As we rush around in our busy lives we should pause and reflect that without good health many of our endeavors come to nothing. Silent killers such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and stress cause death and debility, yet these can be treated if detected early. For these reasons, we usually recommend a yearly physical examination because "a stitch in time saves nine". The Executive Physicals program offers a yearly general physical examination targeted appropriately for busy leaders, executives and entrepreneurs. The physical examination is geared towards comprehensive healthcare and early disease detection.

Personalized Medical Consultation

Healthcare professionals in developing countries do not always have access to information on the latest developments in medicine. We therefore offer a range of medical services to patients who are based outside the United States of America. Our range of services includes:
  • Joint consultation with the patient’s locally based doctor
  • Offering a second opinion and to advise a treatment regimen
  • Review of medical data and direct consultation with patients

Medical Advisory Services

Healthcare services in the United States of America have become highly specialized and patients often do not have a good knowledge of the structure and delivery of these services in the United States. For patients requiring medical treatment in the United States, we offer:
  • Sourcing of the most appropriate medical services
  • Referral to appropriate reputable specialists
  • Other tertiary services as required
For people and companies based here in the United States of America, we are able to provide information, advice and logistics, for research or the provision of healthcare services in developing countries. Our group of consultants includes staff with international experience in healthcare delivery.

Medical Treatment Support Services

In our experience, even when the patient’s medical needs are adequately addressed, there are frequently other services that contribute towards achieving a successful and pleasant outcome. We are well positioned to assist patients with support services such as:
  • Patient Transportaion - arranging airlifting/air ambulances
  • Providing estimates on the costs of treatment
  • Sourcing the most appropriate Medical Insurance here in the United States
  • Referring patients and their families to hotels and local Real Estate Agents who can provide suitable accommodation during the treatment period