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Dr. Ilogu offers a broad range of consulting services geared towards providing healthcare for clients who want a personalized service. Particular areas of emphasis include sourcing of medical services for people from abroad or those who require healthcare provided abroad. Referral to reputable specialists and other tertiary facilities can be made as appropriate. While every effort is made to keep this a viable business for now and for the future, consideration is usually made in the fee structure to facilitate this being a service for the community as well. This is because we feel that very often patients who do not have knowledge of the structure of healthcare here in the USA may not easily obtain the services they require. We can help you navigate the maze of confusion and ensure prompt delivery of your healthcare needs.

International Concierge Medical Services

The following are the provisions of the international concierge medical service.
  • 1. The executive physical examination is the cornerstone of the program and each person who comes to the United States is encouraged to present for this executive physical examination during the course of their visit. The details of the executive physical examination are as in the brochure, but essentially this visit will be included with the concierge medical services if you enroll. The laboratory services provided with the executive physical examination is through an independent laboratory and will be charged separately by the laboratory.
  • Virtual consultations by video conferencing through the service of a video conferencing facility. The advent of telemedicine makes it easier to coordinate care across countries and continents, and this office would like to optimize our technological advances to your benefit. Recommendations will be made for the health of the patient.
  • The virtual visit or consultation with a patient could also be made with a local physician in attendance.
  • The international concierge medical services will provide one executive physical examination in a calendar year with virtual visits in between.

International Concierge Platinum Services

The hallmark of the Platinum Concierge Medical Services is availability of transportation by air ambulance. Enrollment in this program will provide air ambulance transportation for any life threatening emergency where emergent travel out of Africa is appropriate. The destination of choice is to a designated teaching hospital in New Jersey, USA or to London if preferred. The provisions of the program also include benefits of the international concierge medical service To enroll in the program please speak with the practice secretary or email us at office@ilogu.com. We look forward to serving your medical needs.

Additional Services