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Dr. Ilogu is certified in Addiction Medicine and provides personalized and confidential addiction services through patient health insurance plans or through the dedicated UMTC concierge service, which provides highly personalized private pay services. These services include:
  • Primary Addiction treatment where patients are screened and treated with approved medications like Suboxone.
  • Follow-up Addiction treatment services for people who go to secluded treatment facilities so that the disease can be well managed on their return to their home environment.
“All too often patients go to places, such as treatment facilities in Florida, where they spend months before returning to their home state of New Jersey and often relapse within the first day or two of their return. The nature of addiction is that it is indeed a disease and although one would wish that the disease would disappear after a brief period of rehabilitation, the truth of the matter is that the patient needs to be supervised over time to ensure abstinence and so it is important that patients who go away for a period make adequate arrangements for follow-up of the disease on their return”.

Smoking Cessation

In addition to treatment of other addictions, University Medical & Treatment Center offers smoking cessation treatment, an initiative dedicated to active treatment of tobacco use disorder. We also provide consulting services to individuals and companies that are seeking to maintain a tobacco free work environment and seek to promote awareness of the dangers of tobacco through education. We can help different organizations implement and adopt comprehensive tobacco-free policies. Another one of our initiatives is the concept of promoting nicotine free treatment programs. We believe in the biological, psychological, and social basis of addictions and seek to address these factors in the course of intervention. We adopt what we describe as a wholesome approach to care of the patient.

Additional Services